Orson Kirton | About

Working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for 12 years, Orson Kirton serves as a subway operator. Before he began transporting passengers throughout New York City, he spent three years transporting packages to and from the airport for Federal Express.

Orson Kirton also possesses experience in business leadership, having held the position of manager at Fulton City Sports in Brooklyn, New York, in the mid-1990s. He attended Medgar Evers College, also in Brooklyn, shortly before obtaining the managerial position. Kirton earned an associate’s degree in business administration from the school.

In addition to his work as a subway operator, Orson Kirton regularly takes part in charity events. In 2009, he donated clothes and fed individuals staying at the Brooklyn Homeless Shelter. Most recently, he participated in a toy drive in which he provided book bags and toys for children in need. In his off time, he enjoys staying active at the gym, playing soccer, and supporting his favorite sports teams.


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